inshore fishing

The Mississippi Sound, surrounding bayous, and nearby marshes are homes to an abundance of saltwater species. Depending on the season and the bite, Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Sheephead, Jack Crevele, Ladyfish, and the Coveted Blackfish (AKA. The Triple Tail) could be encountered. Let's plan your fishing adventure today. 

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offshore fishing

When the weather permits, we travel past the Barrier Islands to pursue the larger species of the Gulf. It is not uncommon to encounter sea turtles or cruising sharks on these trips. The brilliant blues and greens of the Gulf waters are framed by the changing landscapes of clouds and the white layers of sand on the barrier islands. You are set up for a picturesque day of offshore fishing. Species to catch include Snapper, Cobia, Kingfish, and many other hard fighting competitors. 

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island excursions

Explore the uninhabited islands that inspired world famous artist Walter Anderson. These sandy quartz barrier islands are federally protected and enjoy the same wilderness protection as Yellowstone National Park. They are simply pristine and have some of the best beaches in the United States. These islands have a deep beauty and history that are hidden in plain sight. Enjoy a swim, sunbathing, or a lazy walk along the shore collecting driftwood and shells. Our agenda is totally up to you. Originally home to the Biloxi Indians and explored by the French in 1699, these golden sands are waiting for your footprints to join them.

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dolphin/bird watching

As the shrimpers head south to the Sound, we can follow from a distance to see schools of dolphins and hungry sea birds diving after scraps falling from the the sides of the shrimp boats. It is not uncommon to see Frigates, Seagulls, Shearwaters, Brown Pelicans, and Ospreys on the same trip.

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casino row cruises

Run the protected Sound of south Biloxi down Casino Row with pristine Deer Island to the South and the Casino Row to the North. When the sun sets, the magic lights of nature transition into the bright neons of the Biloxi Casino Row. You'll be blown away by the spectacular sights in front of you.

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adventure packages

Inshore Package: 4 hours for up to 4 people

Island Adventure/Sightseeing Package: 4 hours for up to 6 people

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Larger Crowd Options are available. We can assist in booking multiple boats to accommodate your group.